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Research shows that innovations and breakthroughs are often triggered by somebody asking the right question. Journalist Walter Berger puts it “you find at the root of it all is a great question; a beautiful question of someone asking why isn’t someone doing this or what if someone tried to do that?”

To ask the right question, the great question, the beautiful question you need to ask a lot of them. This is a problem because while little kids start out asking a ton of questions, school and society are set up to discourage question asking. K-12 schools especially tend to focus on the importance of memorizing answers rather than creating your own questions.

So start asking more questions. It will not only be good for you as you learn more, it will also be good for society. So ask questions whether in school, on the job or in life.

Berger’s book, A More Beautiful Question: The Power of Inquiry to Spark Breakthrough Ideas, is available here at Kirkwood Community College Library Services at call number 658.4 B496m at the Cedar Rapids campus.

Berger also recommends checking out the

Right Question Institute:

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