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Kirkwood Banned Books Display 2015

Kirkwood Banned Books Display 2015

Theme this year is:

YA books

YA books are aimed at students 12-18 years old although many outside that range read them. Many are problem novels depicting hard situations including alcoholism, sexual abuse, cutting, etc. Others, in an effort to be seen as realistic by teens who consistently describe books with profanity more realistic than those without, use language that some adults object to in books for teens. Still others deal with fantasy and magic which is attacked by both ends of the political spectrum for different reasons. Read more about the history of YA books here. Read about some examples on this list.

Read a piece by a YA author about why you shouldn’t ban or challenge YA books.

Find a list of frequently challenged books.

The top 10 challenged books of 2014.

If you’d like a banned books button to wear, stop by the Cedar Rapids branch of Library Services and ask at the Reference Desk. Be sure to check out the social media feeds for

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