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Most student passwords were expired in late July. That means you will not be able to access things on the Kirkwood network until you change your password. That means it’s time to create a new password.

All Kirkwood passwords must include an uppercase letter, a lowercase letter, and a number. It must have at least 6 characters and not more than 20. You can’t reuse a password. Your password may not contain any part of your name or k number. Make sure you choose a password that you haven’t used before. Kirkwood offers these tips on creating a strong password.

Change your password here:

An option on the password screen is to create a security question or you will have to answer that security question in order to change your password if you set it up before. You have to match what you choose keystroke for keystroke so be careful what you choose. For instance, if your question is “What’s your favorite restaurant?” and you give the answer McDonalds – MacDonalds, McDonald’s, MickeyD’s, MCDONALDS, etc. won’t be considered correct by the computer.

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