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With Windows 8 and 8.1 Microsoft attempted to make one operating system and program suite that would be seamless across all platforms and devices. They made several major changes that they viewed as tablet friendly ignoring the inconvenience and headaches these changes would make to desktop and laptop users. They also made changes with that goal to Microsoft Office 2013. One of these changes was the introduction of a preliminary preview view to Word documents that you download.

When you are using Word 2013 and download a Word document instead of opening up to look like a normal Word document it automatically opens in a preview mode that looks like the screen capture below. This will only happen with files that have been sent as attachments. If you’re only using documents that you have saved on the computer, on flashdrives, etc. you won’t see this preview. It doesn’t matter what version of Word the document was created in.

Preview Word

This preview format really limits what you can do with the document. To get it to the normal fully opened version, in the left hand corner find three words – File – Tools – View.

Preview Word Close UpClick on View. This will open a drop down menu. The top option is Edit. Click on this and it will open the normal way.

Normal WordGood luck and if you have any further problems with opening an attached document in Word 2013, let us know.

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