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The circulation section of both branches of the Kirkwood Library has material that has been placed on reserve by instructors for their students.  These books are held on special shelves behind the circulation desk. The majority of the materials are placed on closed reserve meaning that student may only check them out for use within in the library. Students may make copies or scans of the required pages or to read them within the library.

Reserve Section

Reserve Section

To place a textbook on hold the instructor needs to bring the material to the library and fill out a reserve form or print the form online and send it to the library with the completed form. (Please refer to Course Reserve Policy to determine type of material that is allowed).  Library materials may be put on reserve, but we do not currently collect textbooks. If the instructor or the department wants to loan us a copy of a textbook we will put it on reserve.

More information and the reserve form are available on the Library Services Website. To find this information from our Library Services homepage:

     Click on:  Explore our Help Guide

     Type:  “Faculty” in “Search Library Website” search box

     Click on:  Faculty Services

     Scroll down to:  “Placing Item on Course Reserve” in the box in the lower left hand corner of the page. See Links for Course Reserve Policy and Library Reserve Form.

While we are focusing on textbooks today, supplemental materials, such as non-text books, articles, etc., also may be placed on hold. Both books in the library’s collection or instructor or department owned books may be placed on reserve this way.

Links to Some of The Books Recently Added to the Collection:

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This month the library will have extra long hours in the run up to finals and then cut back for the between semester break.

We also had a very successful Exam Cram special event. Look for this stress reducer and student help again at the end fall semester.

Survey Feedback

Early in Spring Semester 2015, Library Services did a short survey for faculty. We did one post on feedback earlier this semester. Look for Part 2 next week.

UPDATED April 27, 2021: The links for the how to put textbooks on reserve were updated and the directions slightly changed to be currently accurate.

And remember you contact us at the library any time by phone, e-mail, chat, or stop on by! We’re always glad to see you!