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One of the all time most popular posts on this blog has been the directions on how to stop the toolbar from disappearing on PowerPoint, Word and Excel. Our computers were recently upgraded to Office 2013 and we discovered the new version has changed the way to fix it.

If you are looking for directions for an earlier version of Word or PowerPoint, click here:

In PowerPoint, Word, or Excel 2013, when the toolbar disappears, it looks a little different than on the older versions of the program. Now the names of the tabs remain, it’s only the thick part of the ribbon ( the inch or so underneath the tab names with all the individual tools) that disappears. The names of the tabs remain so it’s a little easier to deal with, but it’s still annoying. In fact, it may be more annoying because it looks like you fixed it when it temporarily comes back when you click the tab you want, but it doesn’t hold.

To Really Fix It

1. Click on one of the tab names (Home, Insert, Design, etc.). It doesn’t matter which one.

2. This will temporarily restore the ribbon. It will hold longer than a drop down, but will disappear again shortly.

3. While the ribbon  is still visible, look at the top right hand corner of the toolbar close to where the red X which lets you close the program is. You’ll see a symbol of a person next to the name associated with the computer. Under this will be an empty column. At the bottom of the column you’ll see a grayed out icon of a pin.

4. Click on the pin and the ribbon should be restored.

5. If for some reason you want the ribbon to go away, do the same thing, but click on the < pointing upwards that shows when the ribbon is normal.

Find a more detailed description complete with screen captures, here:

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