I’m passing along a useful solution I found in case something similar happens to you.

I use WordPress a lot. In fact this blog is done through WordPress. Normally I let WordPress host the sites I create because it works better all the way around, but I work with one group that insists on having it hosted on personal website. I don’t know that this problem couldn’t happen on a hosted by WordPress blog, but every post I found bemoaning this had happened to them was on a hosted personal website. Since my group had updated to the last version of WordPress, the visual menu toolbar had disappeared. Which meant I had to type in everything in html code. I hadn’t typed so much code since library school. 🙂 It was driving me nuts.

Anyway the other person using it said it was working fine for her and I finally found the pretty unintuitive solution.

If this happens to you:

1. Go to User Profiles.

2. Click in the check box in front of “Hide Visual Menu While Writing.”

3. Update profile.

4. Unclick the box in front of “Hide Visual Menu While Writing.”

5. Update profile again.

Everything should be sweetness and light again and you’ll only have to venture into html again if you have a formatting problem or are adding a widget.

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