ebsco_ebooksAn extraordinary thing happened here at Kirkwood last year, and with little fanfare. Very quietly, practically overnight, the number of books available to Kirkwood students, staff and faculty very nearly TRIPLED! How could this be? Through the Library’s subscription to a collection of ebooks numbering over 100,000 titles. Have you made use of this ebook collection yet? If not, here’s what you need to know about EBSCOhost eBooks:

  • Ebooks are available any time, on almost any computer or other device with an internet connection and some kind of browser
  • Although whole books may not be saved or printed, sections of books can be saved and printed as PDF documents
  • Ebooks may be downloaded for offline reading to computers, mobile devices and ebook readers. This often requires the download of Adobe Digital Editions, so is easier done through your personal computer
  • Ebooks may be searched through WorldCat, or directly through EBSCOhost eBooks

When it comes to downloading, there are lots of “if’s” and “but’s”! Rest assured your librarians have created a site to guide you through the most common considerations. And when in doubt, just ask a librarian!