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informationlit It’s Information Literacy Month and Pew Research Center has taken a look at Social Media.

The Pew Research Center is a bipartisan research center that conducts studies to provide useful knowledge to the public. A recent study looked at how people engage in news through social media. They examined most of the big social media sites. Most people don’t turn to them for news. The biggest number who do are on Facebook, mostly because they have the highest number of users, but the news looked at is mostly having to do with entertainment. Twitter users were the most engaged. However, news, especially engaged at all with politics or political correctness, has very little actual discussion online (even on Twitter which is all about discussion) because people are unlikely to engage with those with differing opionions and are reluctant to post something that contradicts the views of their friends. In other words, if you only see one point of view in your various timelines, it doesn’t really mean that’s what everybody thinks or that it’s the one correct way to view it.

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