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Kirkwood Fall

Some quick bullets to remind you of services available –Find more information at:  www.kirkwood.edu/fallfinish

Most of this text is taken directly from links off of that page, but we have made some edits for clarification and added a note or two.

End of Add-Drop Tuition Swap

Starting this fall, we will no longer give a full refund to students who drop a class and add a class both in the second week of classes. This is sometimes called the second week “wash” or “tuition swap” – please remember from now on the refund is 50% for all drops in the second week for 16-week classes.

Policy for Dropping Classes and Refunds

Find the policy here:

Allsop Computer Lab — 131 Nielsen Hall

The Allsop Computer lab in 131 Nielsen Hall houses 106 PCs and 2 iMacs, two copier/printers plus two scanners. All programs needed for classes are offered on these computers, but not every computer has every program, ask at the help desk if you need a specific program so they can direct you to the right computers. No classes or labs are scheduled in the quiet study areas. The walk-in lab is used for students public usage for research and homework. Students may reserve a computer at least one day ahead by calling 398-5606 or coming to the front counter. Students are required to swipe their Eagle card upon entering/exiting the computer labs. No food or drinks are allowed in the the computer labs. Computer lab hours are subject to change during inclement weather. Same policies and guidelines apply as in the computer classrooms.


Permanent EagleCard is your official Kirkwood identification. Get it after you register for credit classes. Your Eaglecard is also your LIBRARY CARD. Carry it with you at all times while you are on campus and you’ll avoid a lot of headaches with different departments and you’ll get all of your student benefits. (Library Note: We have some items, such as the laptops, that we only check out if you have your physical card in hand.)

Present a government-issued photo ID (drivers license, passport, etc) at one of these locations:

·       EagleCard office (104 Iowa Hall, main campus) Phone # 319-398-5680

·       Kirkwood Rec Center (main campus)

·       Iowa City Campus Bookstore

·       Any county center office

The EagleCard Office is open in 104 Iowa Hall Monday-Friday from 8 a.m.- 5 p.m. EagleCards can also be printed at the Rec Center on the Main Campus and at the Iowa City Bookstore. The EagleCard Office and Rec Center can attach free bus stickers to the cards that will allow students to ride Cedar Rapids bus routes 7 and 11 for free. You MUST have the sticker attached to your EagleCard each semester before you can ride free. The stickers do not cost anything, you must simply be an enrolled Kirkwood student. Students must get an EagleCard from one of the locations listed above for use at the bookstore to verify attendance and k number, but excess financial aid funds are never actually loaded on the card.

Student Help Desk (for computer questions)

The Student Help Desk is ready to help you with your login questions. Conveniently located in the Allsop Computer Lab,131 Nielsen Hall. Call them at 319-398-7624 or 1-800-634-6581. Among the IT services are:

  • Campus Wireless-Free WiFi is available inside of every Kirkwood building.
  • EagleCash-The EagleCard is your official Kirkwood identification. Use EagleCash to check your balance or deposit money on your Eaglecard.
  • EagleNet-EagleNet is Kirkwood’s student information services portal. Access a variety of info including class schedules, degree audits, and more.
  • eLearning- A suite of online tools that facilitate e-learning using Angel servers. Instructors in face-to-face courses often deliver materials and extend your learning with Angel. Most online courses take advantage of the organization and interaction the software delivers to create a positive and supported learning environment. (See More Below)
  • Password Reset – Access this self-service web page to establish or reset the password for your K-number login. (See More Below)
  • Print Quota-Registered students will be given a free $36 print/copy ration per semester.  As students print or copy, five cents will be deducted for each black and white page, and 10 cents will be deducted for each color page. Access this page to check your current balance. (See More Below)
  • Student Email-The Kirkwood student email system is the primary tool for official communication from the college. Important information from your department, as well as notifications from advising, enrollment and financial aid, will not be sent via postal mail, but will be sent to your student e-mail. The format of your Kirkwood student email address is: firstname-lastname@student.kirkwood.edu (Example: joe-smith@student.kirkwood.edu) If your first and last name are being used already, a number will be added to your email address to make it unique. (See More Below)

College Email Address

Kirkwood Community College email addresses are of the form [name]@student.kirkwood.edu. Current Kirkwood students are expected to have a k# (college id) and a student email account. Upon registration for at least one credit class, students will be provided a student email account. Upon graduation or transfer to another institution, student email accounts are deactivated (the following August 31st). Any saved documents and/or emails will not be accessible after that date. (Library Note: We’ve discovered that sometimes students have issues with attachments from the various free e-mail sites – Yahoo, G-Mail, Hotmail, etc. – if an attachment absolutely, positively has to get there we recommend using your Kirkwood e-mail for it.)


The eLearning system a Kirkwood is powered by Angel Learning – a suite of online tools that facilitate e-learning. Instructors in face-to-face courses often deliver materials and extend your learning with Angel. Most online courses take advantage of the organization and interaction the software delivers to create a positive and supported learning environment.

New to ANGEL?

Don’t worry. You will find the interface easy to use. Take a little time to make sure your computer and Internet browser are set up for ANGEL. The built in browser check on the login page will assist you. Visit the Student Tutorial page for tips and tricks and the tutorials section for a collection of how-to videos and documentation. (Library Note: Often the first thing we suggest for people having ANGEL problems is trying a different browser, like Firefox or Chrome. Try that first.)

Need Help?

  1. The eLearning Helpdesk is available to assist with any technical problems. Staff are available Monday-Thursday 7am-7pm and Friday 7am-5pm. You can email eLearning@kirkwood.edu or call 1-800-505-5221 :: 319-398-7621. If you have questions about coursework, contact your instructor. 😉

Internet Guidelines

Taken from The Policy for Responsible Use of Information Technology, Kirkwood Community College

· Accessing Internet is a privilege granted for the primary purpose of conducting research, completing class assignments, and gaining familiarity with evolving electronic communications.

· Users shall not send offensive, threatening, abusive, obscene, or other such messages to anyone who may be using the system.

· Users shall not use Kirkwood’s computing resources to copy, generate, or transmit obscene files publicly accessible.

· Each user will be financially responsible for any unauthorized commitments made through Internet.

· Users must follow the guidelines as outlined in the AA/EEO policy on Hostile Environments including the viewing and/or printing of any material considered to be offensive or obscene.

· Users shall not engage in invasion of privacy, unauthorized access, violation of copyright laws or any other activity prohibited by these guidelines or by law.

· Access to the Internet may be denied or revoked at any time.

Universal K-Number Passwords:

Change my Password:  https://www.kirkwood.edu/site/index.php?d=206&p=2259&t=2

Forgot or set up my password:  https://www.kirkwood.edu/site/index.php?p=2258

Student Print Quota

Registered students will be given a free $36 print/copy ration of play money per semester. NOTE:  This is NOT from any real money fee and is instead a ration system to help control the amount of printing. This is NOT real money. NO charge for $36 was added to your tuition bill. NO unused portion will be returned to you. You can NOT spend it anywhere on campus for anything other than copies or prints. It will roll over, so if you don’t spend any of your print ration fall semester, spring semester you will have $72 and so on. Any accumulated print ration will be wiped out at the start of fall semester when everyone is reset to $36 in play money as a ration again. As students print or copy, five cents will be deducted for each black and white page, and 10 cents will be deducted for each color page. At the end of each semester any unused play money will roll over until you get to the end of summer semester where it will be wiped clean and you’ll start the fall with $36 in play money again. The amount is expressed as dollars and cents because if you run out of ration, you can add real money to your account. Unlike print ration dollars any real money you add to your account will not be wiped out in the fall. The amount left in this account is referred to across the system using the correct accounting term of BALANCE. Do NOT panic! This is the balance you HAVE in the account, NOT an amount owed.

When the students print documents, they will see a pop-up that will inform them of the cost of that print job and their remaining balance. At that point they will confirm that they want to print it. If the student sends a job to the printer that is more than 24 pages, they will see an additional dialogue box asking them to confirm that they want to print that much.

When the students use their k# to login to the copier, they will see their name and their current balance on the display pad.

To find out your current balance, add real money to your account (which will never vanish, like the play money ration does), or to dispute a print charge, go to:

Lactation Room

A designated lactation room is now open in Cedar Hall, room 226. Sign-up sheets are available in the room. Campus Health is to be used as a backup location only. If you have questions, please contact Human Resources.


Be sure to check out all the resources on campus including the Veterans Lounge.