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Once again Kirkwood Community College Library Services is helping to celebrate Earth Day! Come see the display at the Cedar Rapids campus or request these titles to be sent to your local center.

Call Number: 333.91 S449w Title: Water 4.0: The Past, Present, and Future of the World’s Most Vital Resource Author: David Sedlak

Call Number: 333.72 T953w Title: Last Stand: Ted Turner’s Quest To Save a Troubled Planet Author: Todd Wilinson

Call Number: 333.95 D191o Title: Oceana: Our Endangered Oceans and What We Can Do to Save Them Author: Ted Danson

Call Number: 333.95 P295b Title: Biodiversity Author: Dorothy Hinshaw Patent

Call Number: 338.2 B878f Title: Full Planet, Empty Plates: The New Geopolitics of Food Scarcity Author: Lester R. Brown

Call Number: 338.473 F982w Title: Windfall: The Booming Business of Global Warming Author: McKenzie Funk

Call Number: 363.179 G152r Title: Radiation: What It Is, What You Need to Know Authors: Robert Peter Gale, MD and Eric Lax

Call Number: 363.34 R777 Title: Room for the River: Summary Report of the 2011 Mississippi River Flood

Call Number: 363.738 B862 Title: The Britannica Guide to Climate Change

Call Number: 363.738 M821p Title: Plastic Ocean: How a Sea Captain’s Chance Discovery Launched a Determined Quest to Save the Oceans Authors: Captain Charles Moore and Cassandra Phillips

Call Number: 551.22 D988e Title: Earthquake Storms: The Fascinating History and Volatile Future of the San Andreas Fault Author: John Dvorak

Call Number: 551.46 H978o Title: Oceans: A Visual Guide Authors: Stephen Hutchinson and Lawrence E. Hawkins

Call Number: 551.46 R797o Title: Oceans: Exploring the Hidden Depths of the Underwater World Authors: Paul Rose and Anne Laking

Call Number: 551.6 C885e Title: The End of the Long Summer: Why We Must Remake Our Civilization to Survive on a Volatile Earth Author: Dianne Dumanoski

Call Number: 551.6 M148w Title: Waking the Giant: How a Changing Climate Triggers Earthquakes, Tsunamis, and Volcanoes Author: Bill McGuire

Call Number: 553.7 N672w Title: Water: The Essence of Life Author: Mark Niemeyer

Call Number: 576.84 K812s Title: The Sixth Extinction: An Unnatural History Author: Elizabeth Kolbert

Call Number: 577.5 C515L Title: Lost Land of the Dodo Authors: Anthony Cheke and Julian Hume

Call Number: 599.786 E47o Title: On Thin Ice: The Changing World of the Polar Bear Author: Richard Ellis

Call Number: 599.88 M875p Title: Planet Ape Author: Desmond Morris

Call Number:  658.4 2616L Title: Leaders Eat Last: Why Some Teams Pull Together and Others Don’t Author: Simon Sinek

Call Number: 779.092 D331v Title: Vanishing World: The Endangered Arctic Author: Fredrik Garnath

Call Number: 770.092 R327 Title: Reef Author: Scubazoo

And you hear so much bad news around Earth Day, here’s a little good news.

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