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When the late lamented Picnik was purchased and shut down, we did a post with a possible replacement in PicMonkey. It’s free, doesn’t require registration before use, and is simple and fairly intuitive to someone with basic tech skills to operate. It was also web based and didn’t require a download to be used on any machine. The bad part is that the HUGE part of the screen says start a free trial and urges you to use the subscription. Ignore that click the small edit button at the top and if you have Adobe Flash on your computer it works great.

I’ve recently had a couple of other photo editors recommended that I thought would be fun to share. The first is Clipping Magic. This is also web based and you can edit for free, but you have to buy a subscription to download them. It does a single thing, it allows you to clip one part out of a photo to give it a new background. It isn’t quite as easy as the demo makes it sound, but it is pretty easy and can be used to pull a great photo out of a messy background, combine photos, etc.

The second is Pixlr. It’s really 3 photo editors in one. Play around with all three and see what they can do. For fun effects the one you want is Pilxromatic. Click on each of the three colors on the central needle gauge to get different options. Slide the film strip to the right to access the other options and the one in the center is the current filter in use. You need to have Adobe Flash installed.

Wild Rose Canvas

Wild Rose Photo – edited in PowerPoint for Canvas background

Another fun photo editor you might not have realized was there is available through PowerPoint. Insert a photo and then try out all the effects under the format window when the Photo Editing Tab opens. If it doesn’t open automatically, click on the photo to bring up “Photo Tools” tab and then click on the word “Format” on the tab directly below “Photo Tools.” It will let you crop, remove backgrounds, add a color wash, or put artistic effects all within PowerPoint.  You can then click on the photo and save it with the edit as a jpeg.

UPDATED October 3 2017: I checked links and noted a couple of changes in these applications.

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