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This trick only works if you are using programs from the Office 2010 suite of programs, like Word or PowerPoint. Previous versions don’t have this option. The best trick about this option is never to need it. Save as soon as you open a new file and save early and often. It not only is good practice, it also gives you control over where the document is saved which can be important for finding it again later. If you have file you didn’t save this trick works to recover files in all the Office programs, but I think will be especially helpful for recovering an unsaved file from Word and recovering an unsaved presentation from PowerPoint. The screen captures in the demonstration are using PowerPoint, but although it will look slightly different in other programs in the Microsoft Office Suite all the steps will be the same.

1. Click on the File tab to the left of the defaulted Home tab.

Capture12. Click on the heading Recent in the left hand column.

Capture23. Look for the Unsaved Files folder at the bottom part of the screen in the center and single click on it.

Capture54. This will open the unsaved file folder and any unsaved files you were working on should be listed and you should be able to double click them from the list and open them. Good luck!

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