Pi Day is celebrated on March 14 by math fans and pie lovers around the world. 3 1 4 are the first three digits of pi but the famous number continues infinitely without repetition or pattern. Pi is such an important number that Congress has even passed a resolution recognizing Pi Day and its celebration around the world. You can learn more about Pi at http://www.piday.org/

In celebration of Pi Day, any Kirkwood student or employee that answers the following questions will be entered into a drawing to be held on March 14 (need not be present to win). Stop in the library at the Reference Desk any time the week of March 9th to drop off your answers OR if you cannot get to the library, email the answers, your name, k#, and phone number or email to Julie.Petersen@kirkwood.edu

What is the mathematical meaning of Pi?

A.  mathematical constant that is the ratio of a circle’s circumference to its diameter

B.   a relation in geometry among the three sides of a right triangle

C.  a delicious baked item that comes in many flavors

Which of the following represents the mathematical number Pi?

A.   Ω

B.  🙂

C.   π


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