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Kirkwood Library Services has decided to end our subscription to one of our ebook providers, known as ebrary, effective May 1, 2014. We have subscribed to the ebrary College Complete collection, a part of ProQuest, for roughly three years. This means that any ebook that displays in WorldCat (the search box at http://www.kirkwood.edu/library) as being part of “ebrary College Complete” will no longer be in our holdings – UNLESS another copy is held in another way (for instance, as a print book in our library, or as an ebook through another vendor). See examples below. We are subscribing to EbscoHost’s ebook collection, as well as integrating ebooks from other databases, such as Project Gutenberg – so never fear…we remain committed to providing all the great resources our students and faculty need!

Confused? Want more information? Don’t hesitate to contact us!

Example 1. How ebrary looks. Remember – ebrary goes away May 1.


Used to this interface? It is ebrary and will no longer be available to Kirkwood users after May 1, 2014.

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Example 2. How you know if any ebook is part of ebrary. After May 1, these books will no longer be available (unless Kirkwood has in another ebook collection or is owned individually.)


How you can tell from a WorldCat record if a given ebook is part of ebrary

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Example 3. A book that we have in ebrary – but ALSO held in another way – so this ebook will continue to be available after May 1, 2014. 


How to tell if we have an ebook in multiple location