Welcome back to school, everyone!

Your Librarians are pleased at the vigorous hum of both campuses and look forward to the good, hard work we know is ahead.

Yesterday, this Librarian was at the Cedar Rapids “Movin’ and Shakin'” welcome festival, giving out fabulous prizes (including Librarian high-fives and bookstore gift certificates), and as always noticed the wonderful diversity of ages we have here at Kirkwood. What an asset for our traditionally-aged college students to have older students in the classroom – with age comes wisdom and experience – and how great for our non-traditional students to get to benefit from the energy and enthusiasm of their younger colleagues.

To help progress inter-generational understanding, I wanted to share the Beloit Mindset 2017 list. This is a list of some of the cultural touchstones that the incoming traditionally-aged students have experienced in their lives. Intended for faculty, it’s an interesting read for everyone. My favorites:

  • #50: A Wiki has always been a cooperative web application rather than a shuttle bus in Hawaii.
  • #40: They have never attended a concert in a smoke-filled arena.
  • #8: Having a chat has seldom involved talking.


Come down and see us, get to know a Librarian or two – we can be real assets to both students and faculty as the semester progresses. Meet our Cedar Rapids staff here and our Iowa City staff here.

Happy learning and teaching!