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Photo Pin

Do you know that just because someone has uploaded an image to the web that DOES NOT mean they’ve given up their rights to it? Harvesting photos off the web can get you into trouble, especially if its for something that you’re posting on the Internet where anyone can find it.

If you’re going to use web based images for a project, it’s better to use Photo Pin for your search. Photo Pin is a service that searches Flickr, but only for photos whose owners have signed up for Creative Commons licenses giving you the right to use them, with credit. You still may want to be careful because when I tried some sample searches and found a few famous images that I know the person who has uploaded to Flickr doesn’t have the rights to give you permission to use the photo they uploaded, so still be careful, but much better than general image search.

Try it today!

Here’s an extreme example of someone misusing images they find online:

And if you want to see if someone is using one of your images online, try this search (still in beta) – Thank you to Kathy Kaldenberg who posted this to our Facebook page as part of the discussion of the above story: