We’re coming to the end of the semester. Perhaps you’re getting tired? Perhaps the stress is ratcheting up? Did you know that experts recommend taking frequent breaks while studying to help your brain actually retain information?

So in honor of your brain needing a break, and the fact that April is National Poetry month, we invite you to come take a break with the Kirkwood Library Services’ Spine Poetry Contest! How it works:

  1. Stack up books on their sides to make a free-verse poem, like this (click image to enlarge)
  2. You can do this anywhere – the Kirkwood Libraries, your public library, your home, a bookstore.
  3. Snap a picture and post it to the Kirkwood Community College Libraries’ Facebook page at www.facebook.com/kirkwoodlibraries.
  4. Your librarians will pick a winner on May 1, 2013. S/he will receive a gift card to the Kirkwood Bookstore and a mention on our blog! Everyone (except for Kirkwood Library Services staff and their families) is eligible to win – students, staff, faculty, the public. Winner will be notified via Facebook.

Here are some inspirational poems for you from your librarians to get you started:


(With thanks to the National Library Week Book Spine Poetry Contest for the idea – enter their contest at http://atyourlibrary.org/national-library-week-book-spine-poetry-contest)

Happy “writing,”

–Nicole Forsythe and Jen Bishop