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While we escaped any hijinks at the library this year, the Internet was especially fruitful with pranks. Most were done by companies who see it as a chance to put out clever ads and seem cool.

Back in 1998, Burger King pulled a prank announcing they were rolling out a Left-Handed Whopper and people didn’t really know what to make of a company pulling a prank like that.

There were a handful of others, but now each year seems to bring out a collection of new pranks and while it may be harder to catch people now that they are used to seeing them, some of these are still pretty great!

From Bacon flavored Scope to Twitter charging for vowels to Hulu only running ads for fake TV shows (HELLO Dr. Spacetime and Itchy and Scratchy) to Virgin’s glass-bottom plane to Quick’s broccoli flavored milk the pranksters were in high style this year. Check out a round-up:


And this is just another little reminder to watch for Internet Myths, people still asked for the left-handed Whopper well after April Fools was over. And I must admit someone got me this year with this one, I re-tweeted before I got to the blonde part, which was the joke which comes at the bottom of the page. Everyone gets caught sometime, be careful!

UPDATE: After I originally posted this, I discovered that the Carnegie-Stout Library in Dubuque, Iowa, had posted an April Fools blog post on upcoming “new” books that don’t really exist.  I decided to share that one too.

By Sarah S. Uthoff, Reference Librarian