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It’s a new year, and while we are enjoying some quiet time here in the library, I’m thinking a lot about improvement. A student recently shared with me that she didn’t do very well last semester, and is honestly looking for ways to get better. I was (and am) reminded of my own struggles. Back in school, I remember much procrastination, low motivation, frustration, anxiety at why any of it mattered. I’d currently like to get better at things now, such as  multitasking less, focusing more on actionable priorities and less on ideas, and planning healthy meals. I also know the hard truth that nobody can improve you but you – and that means a road of hard work, honesty with yourself, and asking for help.

So, it’s  a new year, a new semester – what do you want to get better at? And, more importantly, HOW SPECIFICALLY are you going to do it?  I recently put up a book display in the library with some compelling titles, and here are a few resources to help us along our paths:

  1.  Forbes reiterates some of Benjamin Franklin’s sage advice: http://www.forbes.com/sites/patbrans/2013/01/01/twelve-time-management-habits-to-master-in-2013/
  2. A really interesting new book from Cal Newport (not in the library yet but hopefully soon): http://calnewport.com/books/sogood.html
  3. Understanding willpower and how it works when you resolve to be better: http://www.npr.org/2011/12/30/144485208/making-resolutions-that-stick-in-2012

Please share your tips and tricks, and do let your librarians know what we can do to help YOU help yourself be better!

book display

Some of our many books to help you help yourself