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Title page – Note the number and the Area Ten stamp

Every few years Kirkwood Library Services takes a hard look at the books in our collection. We check them for obviously out of date information (except for classics), for condition, and if there is a newer edition that should replace it. As part of this on-going weeding process, we recently came across this book.

Call Number: 520.9 Ab14h Title: The History of Astronomy Author: Giorgio Abetti

What we discovered was that it was the very first book that had been added to the Kirkwood Library Collection, accession number 0001. It was even before Kirkwood was named Kirkwood, it’s stamped Area Ten Community College.  This was such a classic work that it was checked out on a regular basis ever since and it was last checked out 2009.  We’ve added this original copy to the Kirkwood archive, but we’ve added a new copy of The History of Astronomy in case you’d like to read Kirkwood’s first book for yourself. Or you can find in online:

Kirkus Review with summary of the book:

By Sarah S. Uthoff, Reference Librarian