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Information Literacy Supporter BadgeInformation Literacy, making sure people can find, evaluate for quality and use the information that they need, is a big part of any library. Here at Kirkwood Library Services we help students and faculty with Information Literacy every day, but we’re glad that this official month focuses attention on the importance of being able to deal with information well.

This is fairly new event.  This is only the second year we’ve celebrated it here at Kirkwood. We hope to do more to celebrate it next year to bring more attention to Information Literacy.  We’re looking for ideas and suggestions on what we could do next year and stories about how getting the right information or not being fooled by the wrong information has made a difference to you.

In the meantime, please put up the badge of the event for support on all your social media. Find the directions and badges here:

What exactly is Information Literacy? Here is the long definition from the Association of College and Research Libraries:

So why should Information Literacy be important to you? Take a look at this article talking about the need for Information Literacy in the Workplace:

Find more general information about National Information Literacy Awareness Month, here: