This year's banned book display

Kirkwood Banned Books Display 2012

Every year when we put up our display in honor of Banned Books Week  one of the most frequent questions we get is why a certain book was banned or attempted to be banned. The American Booksellers Association provides information on Banned Books, including an extensive directory of why certain books were banned. Find the list here, in alphabetical order by author:


We’ve also added a new section to the display this year, books about book banning how and when it happens and its history.  Check out these books:

  • Call Number: 098 P458d Title: Dr. Bowdler’s Legacy Author: Noel Perrin
  • Call Number: 098.1 B969B Title: Battle of the Books: Literary Censorship in the public schools, 1950-1985 Author: Lee Burress
  • Call Number: 098.1 H149B Title: Banned Books: 387 B.C. to 1978 A.D. Authors: Anne Lyon Haight and Chandler B. Grannis
  • Call Number: 098.1 K18o Title: 120 Banned Books: Censorship Histories of World Literature Authors: Nicolas J. Karolides, Margaret Bald and Dawn B. Sova
  • Call Number: 098.1 N753B Title: Bookbanning in America: Who Bans Books? – And Why Author: William Noble
  • Call Number: 363.31 C396 2005 Title: Opposing Viewpoints: Censorship
  • Call Number: 363.31 C396b Title: Contemporary Issues Companion: Censorship
  • Call Number: 363.31 C396e 2007 Title: Current Controversies: Censorship
  • Call Number: 363.31 D357y Title: You Can’t Read This!: Why Books Get Banned Author: Pamela Dell
  • Call Number: 363.31 H471s 1998  Title: Sex, Sin, and blasphemy: A Guide to America’s Censorship Wars Author: Marjorie Heins
  • Call Number: 363.31 M365f Title: 50 Ways to Fight Censorship and Important Facts to Know about the Censors Author: Dave Marsh
  • Call Number: 363.31 S729f Title: Forbidden Films:Censorship Histories of 125 Motion Pictures Author: Dawn B. Sova

Also read these three e-books: