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Are you studying Art or Music this Fall? Or teaching it?

At the faculty’s recommendation, Kirkwood Library Services has purchased access to the Oxford Art Online and Oxford Music Online collections. Once you’ve dropped by Wikipedia and Google to learn more about an artist, a musician, a painting, a building, an artistic movement or style, head over to these databases for high quality

information written by dedicated scholars, fact-checked by editors, and compiled for today’s learners.

You can use these databases on the Kirkwood campus with no password, and from off-campus with just your K number or EagleNet password. If you have any questions or trouble at any time – as always – contact a librarian!

Get great information from some of the foremost experts in Art and Music from Kirkwood’s New Oxford Databases!

Some important details for faculty using these resources in class:

1.    Students must enter these databases either through the Kirkwood Library webpage or the direct links below. This is because they’re paid resources not available from the open web without authentication. From the Kirkwood Library homepage, the path is www.kirkwood.edu/library, then click on A to Z list under “Article Databases” heading, you’ll find them alphabetically under Oxford Art Online or Oxford Music Online.

2.    The direct link into the Art database is https://resources.kirkwood.edu/login?url=http://www.oxfordartonline.com/ and the Music link is https://resources.kirkwood.edu/login?url=http://www.oxfordmusiconline.com  (nb: You *must* have the URL prefix of  https://resources.kirkwood.edu/login?url= for authentication purposes.)

3.    Any Kirkwood student or staff can use these databases. They should work seamlessly when using an on-campus computer, with no login, but when entering the databases from off campus, you’ll need your K number and EagleNet password.

4.    If you are putting links into Angel, please be sure the https://resources.kirkwood.edu/login?url= is present, and we ALWAYS recommend you test your Angel links from both on-campus AND off-campus. Librarians can help you do this, too. For more information on creating links, please see: http://guides.kirkwood.edu/content.php?pid=171207&sid=1749503.

5.    Don’t hesitate to contact me or any of your librarians for help at any time about these databases, teaching students how to use them, or consulting on creating assignments that integrate excellent research skills.

Have a beautiful and great-sounding semester!
–Nicole Forsythe, Digital Services Librarian