A very popular database is our Gale Literature Resource Center. Gale has long been THE publisher when it comes to literature. Whether you are looking for a literary analysis, history of a work, or information about an author, Gale is the first place to look. We have the paper copies of most of their series along the  south wall of the Cedar Rapids branch of the library. Much but NOT ALL of the information is also available in the online full text version. If you hit a road block online, see if you can find what you are looking for in paper at this online index.


If it’s an author series, authors appear within each volume in alphabetical order and only the volume number is given in the index. If it’s about a work of literature, the volume number will be given in bold and the page numbers within that volume will come immediately after it in regular typeface.

Also, look in Gale if you’re looking for biographical information on someone who you don’t think of first as an author, but who published at least one well known book; for example, President John F. Kennedy and comedian Bob Hope have entries.

By Sarah S. Uthoff, Reference Librarian