Previously the library has been one of the distribution points for the campus wide student handbooks with a yearly planner included. The administration has decided that the publication was cost prohibitive and it was determined that the content could be delivered to students in more effective ways. Campus Marketing will replace it by creating a student handbook website that contains all Kirkwood policies affecting students. It will be organized by policy type (for example, academic, student life, etc.). The site is yet to be developed but will link from the current students page. We’ll do a post here with the direct link once it is live.

In addition, the Student Services Division has created a New Student Handbook. This publication does not replace the previous Student Handbook but rather is designed to assist new students in planning their class schedules and with registration. It also has information on selected services and other resources and is being distributed to new students during their orientation sessions.  Individual departments will not be issued a supply of this handbook for general student use.

The planners have always been popular and  while they are no longer available, more generic versions (without the Kirkwood specific content at the beginning) are available for sale both at the Kirkwood Bookstore and at any office supply store.