This is just a heads up that there is going to be a lot of road construction this summer. A lot of it has already started and is going to be a problem all this summer, especially from those of you driving in from the south of main campus.

1. All the roads from the South that directly lead into the Kirkwood main campus will soon all be closed. Your options will be to take I-380 get off at the exit north or south of us and circle around that way. The roads to be closed are shown on this map:

2. The area directly in front of the library with parking places and the bookdrop will be closed as part of the construction of Linn Hall. The library book return will be moved to another location, but where hasn’t been determined yet.

3. There is a detour between Shueyville and I-380 so if you are coming up from the south and planned to cut across there be cautious. So far the detour will work, but expect delays. That might change as construction progresses.

4. They have closed the clover part of the ramps on the I-380/I-80 interchange. Detours are in place and the out ramp loops remain open. This photo of the interchange shows the clovers (that form the 4 petals in the center) are closed, the loops (that form a box on the edge of the photo) are open. Watch for detour signs as construction progresses.