The following is a message from Steve Hargadon and our friends in the Library 2.0 and Classroom 2.0 communities. As a librarian, I support efforts to engage instructors and learning professionals to help shape and co-create quality materials. This is just one of many opportunities:

“For over a decade the trusted voices of the award-winning PBS site imageNewsHour’s education team have been working tirelessly to provide educators, teachers, parents and students with an abundance of free current events resources. They offer a daily video blog, lesson plans, two weekly news stories, original student-produced pieces and their newest initiative the Student Reporting Labs.  As they continue to improve their content they want to have a conversation with YOU!–to test out new ideas and to hear your thoughts and experiences.
PBS NewsHour is the first Classroom 2.0 “EdIncubator” project, designed to help education projects or initiatives build advisory councils with real educators, administrators, parents, and students giving real feedback.  To help PBS, join the NewsHour group at (you will need to be a member of Classroom 2.0, so if you are not be sure to join that network first).  Feel free to pass this invitation on to any colleagues you think might be interested.  There is no compensation for participating, but you’ll earn the undying gratitude of project lead Leah Clapman and the good folks at PBS!”