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Last week I had a student ask what does EBSCO stand for. I remembered it was an acronym, but I couldn’t remember what for and I couldn’t find it listed on their website. A quick check with Colleen Bossier  our EBSCO Customer Service Representative confirmed that EBSCO stands for:




CO (company)

And speaking of EBSCO they have recently merged with Wilson Web. You’ll soon see Wilson Web databases show up in the EBSCO search interface. Be sure to take a good look at the improvements they are making before classes start in the fall.

UPDATE November 2014: Just saw a hit coming into the blog and realized the way they phrase the question it wouldn’t come up in a search of the blog, so to help other such seekers the definition above may also answer the question, what is the meaning of ebsco? As long as they weren’t meaning literally then EBSCO means a collection of databases for research or existentially which would be a question for another post. 🙂

By Sarah S. Uthoff, Reference Librarian