The Kirkwood Libraries now subscribe to a collection of ebooks called ebrary, which includes over 23,000 titles on a wide variety of academic subjects, including arts and humanities, social sciences and sciences, as well as nursing and allied health, computer technology, business, criminology, college success and testing guides, career and job skills, construction, culinary arts and industrial arts . It is available both on and off campus, and only requires a k number and Eaglenet password for authentication off campus. And log on from any location to access your own personal virtual bookshelf from anywhere. Try it out! You can of course find the link to ebrary on the library’s homepage as well:

You’ll notice once you get to the ebrary homepage that there are links to various training materials. I highly recommend the “View Training Video” link there as a great way to quickly get a visual tour of all the features of ebrary. But if you want the short version:

  • Ebooks can be searched in a number of ways, including author, title, subject heading, subject browse, or full-text keyword. The “chapter results” tab is a great way to browse for information as well.
  • Ebooks can be viewed from any computer and from many mobile devices — if it has a browser, then it can most likely view these books. However, devices such as a Kindle or Nook which require a file to be downloaded for viewing will not be able view ebrary titles unless they have a built-in browser as well.
  • Ebooks cannot be downloaded whole for offline reading, only portions may be printed or copy and pasted. However, the “Bookshelf” feature allows you to save a book that you want to refer back to at a later time.
  • Because they can’t be downloaded, an unlimited number of people can view the same item at the same time — great news for instructors who’d like to include an ebook chapter as a reading assignment for their whole class!
  • Ebrary has a citation feature that automatically includes the citation for a book any time you print or copy and paste a portion of it.
  • Highlighting and annotating features are available (in addition to the “Bookshelf”) once you log on with your k number and password.
  • The ebrary Reader has a text-to-speech option which will read highlighted text aloud.

We welcome your questions and feedback! Post them below or contact the reference desk at either campus.