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The Kirkwood Community College Library in Cedar Rapids in honor of Earth Day has put up a display of very special new books.  They are on a mix of environmentally aware topics drawn from throughout the collection.  Even though the display is in Cedar Rapids, you can request them to be delivered to any of the other centers at any time. The following books will be on display.

  • Call Number: 174.95 O66m Title: Merchants of Doubt Authors: Naomi Oreskes and Erik M. Conway
  • Call Number: 304.25 Title: Forecast: The Consequences of Climate Change, from the Amazon to the Arctic, from Darfur to Napa Valley Author: Stephen Faris
  • Call Number: 333.7 G625e Title: Ecological Intelligence: How knowing the hidden impacts of what we buy can change everything Author: Daniel Goleman
  • Call Number: 333.72 C822e Title: Eco-Friendly Families Author: Helen Coronato
  • Call Number: 333.72 D746c Title: Conservation Refugees: The Hundred-Year conflict Between Global Conservation and Native Peoples Author: Mark Dowie
  • Call Number: 333.72 E12 Title: Earth Talk: Expert answers to everyday questions about the environment Author: Staff of E: The Environmental Magazine
  • Call Number: 333.72 G526y Title: Your Eco-Friendly Yard Author: Tom Girolamo
  • Call Number: 333.72 H646r Title: Ready, Set, Green: Eight weeks to modern eco-living Authors: Graham Hill and Meaghan O’Neill
  • Call Number 333.72 M135g Title: Green, Inc. Author: Christine MacDonald
  • Call Number: 333.74 M284r Title: Rewilding the West: Restoration in a prairie landscape Author: Richard Manning
  • Call Number: 333.794 D321a Title: Alternative Energy of Dummies Author: Rik DeGunther
  • Call Number: 363.7 H922e Title: Eco Barons: The dreamers, schemers, and millionaires who are saving our planet Author: Edward Humes
  • Call Number: 363.738 P822c Title: The Climate War: True believers, power brokers, and the fight to save the Earth Author: Eric Pooley
  • Call Number: 508.77 M183u Title: Up on the River: With the people and wildlife of the upper Mississippi Author: John Madson
  • Call Number: 551 N285 Title: Nature’s Extremes: Inside the great natural disasters that shape life on earth Author: Time Magazine.
  • Call Number: 551.51 T158a Title: Air: Our Planet’s Ailing Atmosphere Author: Hans Tammemagi
  • Call Number: 574.5 E720 Title: Of Men and Marshes Author: Paul L. Errington
  • Call Number: 598.156 Title: Living on the Wind: Across the hemisphere with migratory birds Author: Scott Weidensaul
  • Call Number: 578.77 Title: Ocean: Our Water, Our World Author: Deborah Cramer
  • Call Number: 615. 902 S399p Title: Poisoned Nation: Pollution, Greed, and the Rise of Deadly Epidemics Author: Loretta Schwartz-Nobel
  • Call Number: 628.4 G311r Title: Recycling Projects for the Evil Genius Author: Russel J. Gehrke
  • Call Number: 629.22 A545e Title: Electric and Hybrid Cars: A History Authors: Curtis D. and Judy Anderson
  • Call Number: 636.292 O13b Title: Buffalo for the Broken Heart: Restoring Life to a Black Hills Ranch Author: Dan O’Brien
  • Call Number: 636.08 N713r Title: Righteous Porkchop: Finding a life and good food beyond factory farms Author: Nicolette Hahn Niman
  • Call Number: 641.692  G831b Title: Bottomfeeder: How to eat ethically in a world of vanishing seafood Author:Taras Grescoe
  • Call Number: 745.5 E92c Title: Cool Green Stuff: A guide to finding great recycled, sustainable, renewable objects you will love Author: Dave Evans
  • Call Number: 778.93 G562 Title: Global 200: Places that must survive Author: World Wildlife Federation
  • Call Number: 818.54 L587f Title: For the Health of the Land Author: Aldo Lepold
  • Call Number: 818.54 L864a Title: About This Life: Journeys on the Threshold of Memory Author: Barry Lopez
  • Call Number: 818.54 L864c Title: Crossing Open Ground Author: Lopez, Barry
  • Call Number: 912 P173c Title: The Complete Earth: A Satellite Portrait of the Planet Author: Douglas Palmer
  • Call Number: 979.13 W328w Title: Running Dry: A journey from the source to sea down the Colorado River Author: Jonathan Waterman

Earth Day Book Display
By Sarah S. Uthoff, Reference Librarian