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Although you may feel like you were born online, that  makes it less likely that you’ve seriously sat down and thought about what information you are sharing about yourself. Your online persona can definitely effect you in the real world, now and later on. It not only can help identity thieves, but also real burglars and even influence whether you get a new job or get fired from your current one. The scariest one is what you can be sharing without even knowing it through your photos.

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It features 11 things you should never tweet on Twitter and the possible consequences if you do.

While we are on the subject of Twitter, I would also strongly recommend that anyone logging into Twitter as a website, type in https instead of http. They have a secure connection setting, but expect you to turn it on manually each time by typing https. Accessing through https makes your account harder to hack. A similar system exists on Facebook where you can manually type in the https but they also have a setting that will automatically default to a secure connections under Settings on account. Make sure you have turned this feature on.

By Sarah S. Uthoff, Reference Librarian