Previouslyon LibBLOG, we mentioned that we are looking at potential ebook platforms to purchase.  Now we are introducing  two free ebook sites: NCBI Bookshelf and Project Gutenberg.

NCBI Bookshelf

This is a service from the U.S. National Library of Medicine and National Institutes of Health. It provides free access to over 700 texts in life science and healthcare.  Users can easily browse, search, and read the content. The quick links listed under Getting Started, Read and More Information are very handy. Titles on basic biology include Molecular Biology of the Cell (4th ed.), Molecular Cell Biology, Biochemistry (5th ed.), and more.

Project Gutenberg

Not a big  fun of science? Check out Project Gutenberg then. Project Gutenberg covers a wide range of topics. It  is the longest-running ebook site, and has the single largest collection of free ebooks as well. The collection consists of public domain books – basically those whose copyright has expired. Plato’s Symposium? Got it. Twain’s Huckleberry Finn? Of course. Books in  non-English languages?  Chinese, Dutch, Esperanto, Finnish … You name it. Whitman’s Leaves of Grass – do you prefer print or audio? All are readable, downloadable and printable, and they are also compatible with many ebook readers and other mobile devices. It’s all free and just waiting for you!

–Kate Hess & Xiaomei Gu

NCBI Bookshelf and Project Gutenberg