We have received several positive feedbacks on CAMIO, the new art images database available at Kirkwood.  Did you know that you can create slideshows from search results in CAMIO? I wanted to share this tip with you because I thought instructors might find it useful for classroom use.

First, you need to add image to favorites: do a search, check those of interest, and click on the Add to Favorites besides the Help link on the top of the search results. Now you can view your favorites as a slideshow: click on View Favorites on the right corner of your screen and then click on the slideshow button on the top left corner of you screen. To learn more, visit CAMIO Help page by clicking on the persistent Help link on the very top right corner of your screen. On the Help page, click on Using Favorites and you’ll see more details on how to view the images you love in a slideshow.

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