Previously on LibBLOG, we mentioned the Campuswide new print policy beginning this spring.  Are you still ignoring the pop-up windows when you print? Do you have any idea how much you have spend so far? Find out now by logging into Your Print Balance using your K number and EagleNet password to view your balance and printing history.

Now we are offering you some tips on how to save your printing money.
Tip 1: Printing front and back is treated as 1 page, which means 5 cents will be taken from your printing account.
Tip 2: When you print a class handout from a PowerPoint document, try to print multiple (four or six) slides on one page.
Tip 3: Email articles to yourself or saving them instead of printing them. Don’t print until you know you’ll need it!

Tip 4: Ask the librarians to show you how to change the settings on your computer to do these tricks.

Do you have any money-saving tips to share with us?