We’re almost to the end of finals week, and your Kirkwood librarians continue to be on call in person, through IM, over the phone, or via email to help you finish projects, papers, and assignments.

As always, now is a great time to remember to SAVE EARLY and SAVE OFTEN when working on not only library computers, but any computer! Pay attention to what you’re naming your files, where you’re saving them, and think about saving a backup file before you close your document. For example, before closing any document, I’d always save an extra copy named filename.BACKUP and go ahead and email that document to myself, just in case I lost my flash drive or my original file became corrupted.

Another word of warning: if you open a file from a web browser (for instance, you open a previous file version from your email), and you are editing that file, be sure to save the file with a new name in a new place. If you just open the file from your browser and edit it, merrily clicking “save” every now and then, you’re not actually saving the file in a recoverable way unless you do “save as” first!

We very much hope none of you need these links, but just in case you do have trouble, here is some information on recovering documents in Microsoft Word:

How to Recover a Lost Word Document from Microsoft Support

Recovery of MS Word Content from Temp Files from a UK based site

10 Ways to Find a Lost Word Document from Hack College

Happy end of the semester and wishing you a warm end to 2010!