Your Kirkwood librarians are here to help faculty in many ways – we’ll come to your class and present on many topics, from information literacy to how to use the library; we’ll put books on reserve for you; we’ll assist you and your students in research; and now, we’re happy to announce: we’ll make you a resource-rich mini-website for your class.

Marianne Taylor teaches LIT207 – Forms of Literature: Poetry. She contacted the library recently to see about aggregating resources online for a class research paper that explores the work of a specific poet. She wanted students to have a place to find poetry-specific resources, writing tutorials, information on citing scholary sources, and information on the services the library offers. We pulled together a course-specific LibGuide for Professor Taylor and her students. We would also be happy to work with you on creating a guide for your class!

Click to explore the LibGuide for LIT207

The libraries have also developed LibGuides on Evaluating Web Resources, How to Cite Web Resources, Citation Guides for MLA, APA, and Chicago Style, and more.

There’s no limit to the way LibGuides can be used – and they’re used at colleges and universities everywhere to create research guides, course homepages, single-topic resource sites, and beyond.  You can check out how some other institutions are using LibGuides, and what people are saying about the tool:

To get started working with a librarian on a LibGuide, contact our Emerging Technologies Specialist, Xiaomei Gu at or 319-398-5899 ext. 4041.